Monday, October 2, 2017

Cookie Cutter Care

As we discussed in a previous post, when we begin working with a new patient, we perform a detailed and comprehensive examination in order to try to identify any structural shifts or distortions in the patient's frame that may be having an effect on the way their body functions.  If we do find a structural shift or distortion with injured tissue(s) that is treatable, we will then formulate a treatment plan specific to that patient's exam findings as well as that patient's individual health goals.

Different aspects of the anatomy require different approaches in order to provide appropriate remodeling and healing.  For instance, the way that we deal with an injured ligament is quite different than how we would deal with an injured muscle or fascia or joint capsule.  We use various methods to treat these different aspects of structural problems in the body so that they may heal properly.  This may include a combination of chiropractic adjustment, stretches, exercises, and remodeling devices.  This is why when we work with a family, many times the type of treatment each family member receives is very different from one to the next.  In our office, your treatment plan is totally customized for your body.  This allows us to get maximum results in a minimum amount of time.  As such, we certainly do not provide cookie cutter care.